NHL lockout: Is the season saved? Twitter abuzz with excitement

The NHL offered a 50-50 split of hockey-related revenue with the NHLPA in a bid to start a full season Nov. 2. Hockey fans excited about the possibility of a deal are pumped and eagerly waiting for the official response. Here's a look at what people are saying. Thoughts? Tell us @TorontoStar.

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  1. Before the announcement, morale was low among fans...
  2. Then a deal was offered by the NHL to the NHLPA:
    DEAL: 50-50 split of hockey-related revenue.GAMES: Full season, 82 games.START: The season would start Friday, Nov. 2.

    STANLEY CUP: Would be played before the end of June.

    Is this a good deal? Tweet us your comments and ideas @TorontoStar.

  3. Many fans are, how shall we say, excited by the prospect of the season starting within weeks. 
  4. YES!!!!!!!! We might have an NHL season yet.
  5. accept accept !!! give me hockey back!!!!
  6. Though NHL players have been generally quiet on social media about the news, some of them have also expressed their displeasure online about the lockout.
  7. Some players had difficulty finding places to skate in the meantime.
  8. Star reporter Kevin McGran (@kevin_mcgran) tweeted live during Tuesday's talks, and took videos of Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman speaking.
    In response, most fans online have put in their two cents. "Take the deal" is the general consensus. 
  9. I'd be shocked if the NHL starts up November 2nd but this looks like a good start.