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Margaret Wente affair: A timeline of plagiarism allegations

A look at some of the notable tweets punctuating the allegations of plagiarism levelled at Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente over the past week, as well as the Globe's response. This is a timeline of what happened.


  1. Tuesday, Sept. 18: Blogger Carol Waino of Media Culpa publishes an analysis of Globe and Mail writer Margaret Wente's alleged transgressions, complete with quotations illustrating unattributed material in one of her columns from 2009.
  2. Margaret Wente -- an American woman with a Canadian perspective
    Margaret Wente -- an American woman with a Canadian perspective
  3. The Twitterverse immediately takes note.

  4. Wednesday, Sept. 19: The calls for action surrounding the Wente case grow increasingly louder online.
  5. Thursday, Sept. 20: The Globe's silence seems ever louder to those waiting for a response to the Media Culpa allegations.
  6. Friday, Sept. 21: Public Editor Sylvia Stead addresses the matter in a blog post, in which she defends Wente and refers to Waino as an "anonymous blogger."
    "It is very difficult to be more definitive because we are talking about a column written three years and two months ago. This from a columnist who writes three times a week. The concern was that seven different sources were reproduced. That seems highly unlikely."
  7. Waino responds in kind with a blog post of her own, noting that Stead is entirely aware of her identity because they have previously had contact about Wente's work.
  8. Sunday, Sept. 23: John Miller, former chair of Ryerson University's journalism school, publishes a comprehensive blog post on "Wentegate" and concludes that Public Editor Sylvia Stead must resign.
  9. Colby Cosh of Macleans publishes his own treatise on the affair.

  10. Monday, Sept. 24: In an email to John Miller, Globe Public Editor Sylvia Stead criticizes him for not waiting for her comment before publishes. She goes on to tell him she does not check her email on weekend and criticizes his lack of commitment to "responsible journalism." Miller publishes those comments on his blog.