Maple Leafs fan with 'Toronto Stronger' sign draws fury from Boston Bruins fans

One Toronto Maple Leafs fan held up this sign at Monday night's playoff game against the Boston Bruins, enraging many people on Twitter. The sign is a take off the phrase 'Boston Strong,' which became popular after the marathon bombings.

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  1. What is the sign holder thinking today? Someone Photoshopped their guess:
  2. Here's the actual sign:
  3. Now what do you think?

    It's just 'classless'
  4. ANGER
  5. Are Boston fans overreacting? 
  6. How awkward...
  7. This guy is an absolute jerk for that sign. At the bruins game he absolutely disrespected the Boston bruins and Boston strong. I hope the bruins beat you through the ice because that is truly disrespectful. #bostonstrong #torontostronger
  8. That's karma for ya
  9. Canada gets some hate for the fan's sign