Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend inspires #Teoing photos

Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o says he was 'duped' by a hoax in which the woman he thought he was dating online wasn't actually real. Of course, this quickly turned into Teoing, like the next planking, with people posing with their invisible girlfriends.

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  1. #praccypics first there was #tebowing then #griffining and now #teoing! All you gotta do is pose with your fake girlfriend!
  2. Teoing and the whole Manti Te'o story also inspired several Photoshopped pictures. 

    From the obvious:
  3. To the newsworthy:
  4. Looks like will have to get Manti on the next show #lance #armstrong #oprah #manti #teo @oprah
  5. To the Napoleon Dynamite movie quoting:
  6. And to the just plain funny:
  7. I think I'm done for now #TeO