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Man gets unwanted attention over ‘spliff’ tweet


  1. A tweet from a King City resident, identified as Sunith Baheerathan on Twitter (@Sunith_DB8R), caught the eye of York Regional Police. Baheerathan's call for pot dealers to drop by his workplace led to York Region police jokingly asking if they could tag along.
  2. The original tweet was retweeted more than 2,700 times in the first 24 hours and Sunith Baheerathan's twitter handle was trending in Toronto Tuesday night. Baheerathan seemed to be taken aback by all the hoopla.
  3. The resulting furor prompted a flurry of requests from media for interviews.
  4. Which prompted more disbelief from Baheerathan.
  5. Baheerathan's employer, Mr. Lube, soon took notice of the controversy and apparently fired him for the tweet.
  6. Baheerathan, who insists the tweet was never meant to be taken seriously, wondered aloud about the priorities of York Region police.
  7. And perhaps there's a lesson to be learned here: Think before you type on social media.