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Love Actually a holiday classic? Readers debate


  1. A column by Christopher Orr about the film Love Actually has touched a nerve with Star readers on social media. In his column, Orr says it's "insane" to consider the 2003 romantic comedy a holiday classic. 

  2. That got many of the Star's cinephiles riled up. 

  3. Is the critic suffering from a case of the "bah humbugs" perchance?
  4. Great movie. This critic is a miserable git
  5. Some readers agreed that it wasn't a seasonal film.

  6. It's not about Christmas, per se.
  7. Picture if you had four rom-com ideas, but couldn't pad them out to 90 minutes. So you jam them in one film, and make it sort of about Christmas.
  8. Emma Thompson said this morning on Kelly & Michael that it was a said "Christmas" classic!
  9. I like Xmas movies where Xmas isn't the main theme but is present in the plot. This movie is one such and I'd call it a classic
  10. It may not be a holiday classic, but it's a fun holiday themed film. It's part of my collection of films I watch every Christmas.
  11. A movie can't be called a classic after just a decade, quibbles Twitter user @filmclassics
  12. Others felt it qualified as classic holiday fare, critics be damned. Remember It's a Wonderful Life?

  13. Once upon a time It's a Wonderful Life was not well regarded, nor considered a holiday classic, by critics. I'd love to have a job where I get paid to be wrong. LOL!
  14. I never pay much attention the the critics. I love this movie and watch it every Christmas.
  15. The decade-old film has a polarizing effect.