Kim Jong-il in videos

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il has died at age 69. Here is a brief look at his life through videos - from the reaction to his death, elaborate parades, and his son as successor.

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  1. North Korean news announces Kim Jong-il's death:
  2. North Korean State TV announces the death of leader Kim Jong-il

    PYONGYANG — Within hours of the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, state television was broadcasting scenes of mass hysteria and mourning in the capital city.

    The military was put on alert in South Korea and all government officials were told to cancel any travel plans, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

    The news agency also reported the North Koreans had fired a short-range missile into the sea off the east coast.

    Kim’s death was reported by a weeping announcer dressed in black on state television Monday (Sunday night, Toronto time), according to a still photograph released by Yonhap. He was 69.


  4. There is an outpouring of grief in North Korea, as citizens weep openly.
  6. Corea del Norte llora la muerte de Kim Jong-il
  7. WHAT NOW: Is Kim Jong-un ready to lead North Korea?
  8. Is Kim Jong-un ready to lead?
  9. Reuters

    SEOUL — Young and inexperienced, Kim Jong-un is seen as poised to take over North Korea with the death of his father and extend the Kim dynasty’s rule over the reclusive state for a third generatio

    Not much is known about the younger Kim, not even his age, though his father, Kim Jong-Il, and his autocratic regime had begun making preparations for the son’s transition to power.

    Thought to be aged around 27, Kim Jong-un had already been made a four-star general and occupied a prominent political post when he was reported to have made an important diplomatic visit to neighbouring China in May this year.


  10. A LOOK BACK: Kim Jong-il's many appearances and celebrations around the world.
  11. Visit to China, 1983
  12. 1983年金正日访问青岛市Kim Jong Il 's visit to China in 1983 (Qingdao)
  13. A later visit to China
  14. Dear Leader Kim Jong Il in China
  15. Visit to Russia, 2002
  16. Kim Jong Il makes appearance in Russia's Far East - RT 110811
  17. Military parade, 2010
  18. DPRK Parade 2010 - King Louis the XIV meet Kim Jung-Il
  19. Kim Jong-il's birthday, 2011
  20. Residents, Tourists Mark Kim Jong Il's Birthday