Kellogg's plant closes: reaction

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  1. Employees and the public were told Tuesday that the Kellogg’s plant in London, Ont., will close by the end of 2014, resulting in the loss of more than 500 full-time jobs.

  2. Kellogg’s told employees it will close its London plant. More than 500 full-time jobs will be lost
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  4. The cuts are part of an overall restructuring by Kellogg’s to streamline their operations by 2018.
  5. Efforts will shift focus to expanding the Kellogg's cereal and snacks plant in Rayong, Thailand by 2015. 
    Some consumers called for a boycott.

  6. My thoughts go to all the people in London who will be affected by the closure of the local Kellogg facility. As for Kelloggs, you've made my choice of breakfasts very easy. Instead of buying your products, I will be purchasing eggs, bacon, and other fresh ingredients from local farmers to make my breakfast. It might cost a little more, but as your company is looking after its corporate health and prosperity, I too need to make tough decisions to look after the health and prosperity of myself and my country. Nothing personal, it's just good business.
  7. The news comes just weeks after Heinz Canada announced it would be closing its century-old Leamington, Ont. plant, throwing 740 people out of work.