#IkeaMonkey meme goes viral

People are having endless amounts of fun with the news that a monkey was spotted running and screaming around an Ikea in North York, wearing a faux shearling coat. In tweets, silly new Ikea slogans, and Photoshopped pictures, it's the water cooler topic of the day in Toronto.

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  1. This is the photo that has gone viral in the GTA and around the world:
  2. "Animal Services identified the monkey as a rhesus macaque, an Asian species that is prohibited in Ontario. The monkeys are known for their ability to live in diverse habitats — although Canadian winters obviously require a warm coat.

    "The owner of the primate turned himself in to Animal Services just after 5 p.m. He was charged with owning a prohibited animal, an offence that carries a $200 fine."

  3. A monkey in a coat at Ikea? Let the one-liners and Photoshopping begin!
  4. VIDEO: If the Ikea monkey had a soundtrack, would it be this?
  5. Ikea Monkey - Dust In The Wind
  6. The Ikea monkey makes it down to City Hall...
  7. Man that monkey's everywhere.... And he's with the ikea monkey too (ehhhyoo)