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Golden Globes: Tatiana Maslany nomination news


  1. Orphan Black fans were abuzz Thursday morning with news that actress Tatiana Maslany had been nominated for a Golden Globe Award. 

  2. Fans of Maslany's work on Orphan Black were screamingly happy. 

  3. Fans of the show, which is a Space and BBC America Original Series, call themselves members of the Clone Club.

  4. Yep. I'm so excited that @tatmas has been nominated for a Golden Globe!! This is the start to many more awards!!! CONGRATS TATIANA #CloneClub is so proud of you! You go girl!!! I'm super happy that you are nominated because you deserve this so much!!!!!! ❤️ #orphanblack | I'm an emotional person okay |
  5. The Saskatchewan actress has received honours including the Critics' Choice award, but upset some when she was left off the list for the Emmys. 

  6. On the Toronto-shot series Orphan Black, Maslany plays several different characters who are clones of each other.

  7. More news on this year's Golden Globe nominations: