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Join me April 23 @HawthorneTO for #Taste4Life. 60 Richmond East 647-930-9517 Reservations STRONGLY encouraged!


Howdy !! The name is JOSELYN PETTY. I belong to Reno. I am 31. I might join The Refundable School in Mesquite. I work as a Shoemaker. I am a fan of Dancing. My papa name is Paul and he is a Governor. My mother is a Shepherd.

Wright Evans

I must admit that filing for bankruptcy isn't something that a person looks forward to in their life. I mean, it is meant to give them some relief from their creditors, but who would want to fall into such a situation in the first place anyway?

The Loop

Life, Made Better.

Spur Festival

Canada's first national festival of politics, art and ideas.

Ontario Presents

Formerly CCI, Ontario Presents is a not-for-profit arts service organization that works to support the arts presenting sector in Ontario. #artspresenting


Andrew Magee

I love jeeps,muscle cars,cottage,mtb-ing,animals-building a ridiculous wrangler come this summer 2014-follow for more jeep pictures to come! 21yr old-Canadian


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Edwin Wan

I'm just a cool average guy who doesn't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or do narcotic drugs but likes watching everyone else do so (though I admit, I have drank beer from a stein in Oktoberfest when I was in Munich, taking one pill of Methylphenidate, otherwise known as Ritalin, had one slice of hash brownies which I didn't realise till after my first bite, and tried a marijuana lollipop in Amsterdam, it was disgusting though). I like to party and apparantly I'm good on the dancefloor (well as I am told). I did get attention from a group of chicks in Dallas, Texas until a breakdancer stole my attention. I'm ain't really good with women, don't really have the confidence or the self-esteem or the motivation of go up to a chick and pick her up, but I'm willing to learn. Politically speaking, as a politics student with real interest in many issues, these are some of the issues I believe in; I'm not a member of any political party but align my support to a party that goes towards my opinion, I support for Australia to become a republic and change the design of the Australian flag, I believe that Taiwan should NOT be an independent state and should belong to China (though this does not mean I support the Chinese Communist Party but a supporter of the Kuomintang and the Pan-Blue Alliance in Taiwanese politics, which supports Taiwan's reunification with China), this is an issue I'm passionate about as this will be the issue that would lead to a conflict which would more likely to involve the United States into the conflict, I believe that Tibet should be part of China as well as Outer Mongolia, as these two states have historically been part of China though I do support autonomy for these two regions, and I believe that Sun Yat-Sen is the greatest Chinese political leader ever lived, Mao Zedong the second (though he was a Communist, he manage to stablise China after years of civil war and national instability since the Opium War's) and Chiang Kai-Shek the worst of the Chinese leaders (for not cooperating with the Communist before and after the Second World War and losing a civil war after having support from the Unites States and recognition from the Soviet Union at the time, and creating a military dictatorship in Taiwan post-civil war). Future prospect, I aspire to become a diplomat and earning diplomatic immunity when I go to another country so I can get away with parking fines and speedking tickets and be immune from prosecution in another country.

Gerry Timbers

Managing Editor of The Mississauga News

Ariel Teplitsky

Music, food, technology and online assignment editor, Life and Entertainment, at the Toronto Star. I'm your best nightmare. Opinions your own.