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Mayor Rob Ford takes musician's seat at the Bills game

Musician Matt Mays walked up to a Rogers Centre wicket and paid $250 for a single ticket to see the Buffalo Bills. He was assigned seat 101, row 35 in Section 133. When Mays got to his seat, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was sitting in it.


  1. Here's how it went down on twitter:
  2. Mays eventually got his seat back when Ford left at halftime:

  3. Mays took everything lightly. “I wasn’t mad. I thought it was entertaining,” he said.

    Ford got a lot of attention during the game. Watch this video Star sports writer Curt Rush took of fans posing for pictures and asking for autographs:
  4. Fans tweeted their appreciation of the mayor:
  5. But some weren't so appreciative of his presence: