David Gilmour: "I’m not interested in teaching books by women"

David Gilmour, who teaches English at University of Toronto's Victoria College, was trending on Twitter after he told Hazlitt blogger Emily M. Keeler that he was not interested in teaching books by women.

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  1. Writers Jodi Picoult, Scaachi Koul and Maureen Johnson joined in the flood of tweets condemning Glimour's comments.
  2. Literary blog The Toast wrote a satirical bio on Virginia Woolf, inspired by Gilmour's comments.
  3. One tweeter pointed out that though Gilmour counts being on the Giller longlist as one of his accomplishments, the Giller was, in fact, named after woman, former Toronto Star books editor Doris Giller.
  4. Another pointed out that Gilmour has a daughter, who is a writer.
  5. Others simply mocked him.
  6. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Rounding up Twitter responses to David Gilmour's comments about women writers: stjo.es/1h1CQyW