CNE illness sparks online speculation

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  1. Toronto Star reporter Melinda Maldonado went down to the CNE to check out the scene Wednesday.
  2. Suspicion quickly fell on the cronut hamburger, a deep-fried croissant covered in cinnamon sugar, filled with an all-beef burger patty and cheese, and topped with bacon-maple jam.
  3. More about the CNE's menu. 
  4. On social media, there wasn't a lot of surprise (or sympathy) for those who fell ill.
  5. Just in case you need another reason NOT to get a cronut burger ...
  6. Heading down to the ex with Ryan ...anyone else there? I am avoiding the cronut ...
  7. why the hell WOULD anyone eating a donut burger (cronut) i don't blame their systems for getting all riled up over that combo! feel sorry for them though, specially the ones in hospital.
  8. Glad they didn't make that "Cronut" look more appetizing or I would've been violently ill with the rest of the CNE yesterday
  9. A Cronut Burger : deep-fried doughnut-croissant hybrid stuffed with a beef patty, cheese and topped with maple bacon jam. THe most surprising thing is that people are surprised they feel awful awful after eating such a thing.
  10. Sooo I ate this #cronut burger yesterday and of course I added an egg. Now I hear 12 people are extremely sick from it. #FML #cne