Chris Hadfield tweets William Shatner from space

As if the power of Twitter wasn't cool enough... William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on Star Trek, tweeted to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who has been tweeting from space. Is it the best response ever?

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  1. The Twitterverse responded to their online exchange with, to put it mildly, excitement.
  2. Space and Star Trek fans, rejoice!
  3. Shatner also had a brief talk with the official Canadian Space Agency Twitter account -- captured in these retweets -- after the CSA responded to his original tweet asking if Hadfield was tweeting from space.
  4.                "MBB" stands for "My best, Bill," which Shatner often uses to sign off his tweets.
  5. Stay tuned, fans!
  6. And for those wondering how Canada is looking from space, look no further. 
    Starting with the Golden Horseshoe:
  7. Montreal:
  8. St. John: