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#CatBearding vs #DogBearding: The latest Internet trend

The origin? We're not sure. The weirdness factor? Definitely there. The perfect thing to lighten up a Friday? Obviously. After #catbearding started to spread online, dog people fought back with #dogbearding. Here are the best photos we found. Which is better: catbearding or dogbearding? You decide!


  1. Now what is catbearding and dogbearding?

    Nice try lady... Not quite.
  2. Step 1: Get a cat or dog
    Watch out for claws.
  3. Step 2: Hold the top of their face against the bottom half of your face
    Step 3: Take a photo from the underside, so you look half-human, half-animal (or you just really need a shave)
  4. This one is pretty amazing, but still not quite there...
  5. This is more like it! Here, kitty kitty...
  6. Well, dog people didn't care this catbearding. What about their pooches? So they fought back with their own photos. 

    Which do you prefer? Catbearding or dogbearding? Tweet us your photos @TorontoStar!