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Big Bird responds to Mitt Romney's U.S. debate comment

During the first U.S. presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the latter said he loves Big Bird but he would cut funding to PBS, which is home to Sesame Street. His comments sparked a @FiredBigBird account on Twitter, which has been suspended, and plenty of parody. Here's a look.


  1. Mitt Romney Loves Big Bird
    Mitt Romney Loves Big Bird
  2. VIDEO: What were Mitt Romney's exact words about Big Bird? Watch the clip:
  3. Mitt Romney Loves Big Bird - Presidential Debate
  4. From Barack Obama's official Twitter account:
  5. A @FiredBigBird account on Twitter was suspended by Twitter hours after its creation, but that didn't stop thousands of people from following it before it was made unavailable. Romney's name and PBS were both trending words in the U.S. and in Toronto today.
    Some of @FiredBigBird's tweets live on through others who had previously retweeted them, such as this one:
  6. With or without that Twitter account, plenty of people had a laugh at Romney's mention of Big Bird.
  7. Maybe Big Bird will be OK afterall...
  8. While others expressed themselves using parody photos:
  9. Way to go Mitt #firedbigbird
    Way to go Mitt #firedbigbird