B.C. election: Canadians shocked by Christy Clark win

According to polls, it seemed the NDP was a shoe-in in the B.C. election, but Liberal Leader Christy Clark pulled off an upset for the ages and won. It shocked many Canadians, who shared their disbelief on Twitter - some happily, others dismally.

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  1. This tweet about sums up the surprising results and the reactions of many on Twitter:
  2. Is "stunned" an understatement?
  3. Clark was trailing behind the NDP by almost 20 points at the start of her campaign. How must they be feeling today?
  4. Why were the polls so wrong?
  5. Did enough people vote?
  6. Despite the upsetting Liberal victory, I'm proud to say I was a part of the democratic process. #election #electionsbc #bcpoli #voted #democracy
  7. Watching the election results #bcpoli#christyclark#langley#kitty#politics
  8. Clark won? Great news!
  9. Clark won? Terrible news!