Avery Edison detained at Maplehurst Correctional facility

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  1. British citizen and comedian Avery Edison, a transgender woman was stopped at Pearson International Airport on Monday because she overstayed her visa during an earlier visit.

    The 25-year-old Londoner, who came to Canada in 2010 on a student visa to attend Humber College’s comedy writing program, was handcuffed and taken to the Maplehurst Correctional Centre, a detention facility for men. Her passport identifies Edison as female.

    “Even if I should be put in prison, I’m a woman and I should be in a women’s prison,” a physically and emotionally drained Edison told the Toronto Star through a glass barrier in an enclosed visiting room.

    Edison tweeted throughout the entire ordeal. Her tweets below describe her detention at Pearson before being transported to the prison.

  2. Edison received word that she would be kept in solitary because she is pre-operative MTF (male to female).