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Arrested Development party: The motherboy of all menus

It has been a long wait for Arrested Development fans, but the new episodes are finally here this weekend! Now, how to celebrate? Beyond blue paint, a homemade stair car, and a puppet named Franklin, here are ideas for some "Mr.F'n" good food to serve.


  1. Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer
  2. COME ON! Are you in the mood for some Arrested Development cookin' after watching the Season 4 trailer? 
    These are our 10 suggestions for a party menu:
  3. 10. Mayoneggs
  4. Hmm, on second thought, that doesn't sound too cute. Maybe try this recipe instead:
  5. 9. Salad with "Sudden Valley" dressing
  6. Arrested Development-Sudden Valley
  7. The Arrested Development gang never seems to eat very healthy, so salad can be an optional choice for your menu. But if you are committed to the theme, perhaps toss on some blueberries and call it a Blue Man salad.
  8. 8. Carl Weather's stew
  9. Carl Weathers Got Stew Going
  10. Get yourself a stew goin'!
  11. 7. Unlimited juice
  12. Arrested Development Buster + Juice Montage
  13. Try one of these to get as much energy as Buster! Beware: Your mom might cut you off.
  14. 6. Eggplant "Gene" Parmesan 
  15. Gene Parmesan and Lucille Bluth
  16. In honour of our favourite private detective, put a little parmesan on something.
  17. 5. Anything with club sauce
  18. Enough talking about it. Here's how to make it: