Arcade Fire imposes dress code at concerts

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  1. The Indie rock group has issued a formal or costume dress code for its upcoming concerts, including one at the Air Canada Centre. Fans took to Twitter, mostly to complain and poke fun at the new rule. Many found humour in the situation:
  2. “Formal attire or costume MANDATORY. (Formal wear = suit, dress or fancy something...)” the band tweeted before the surprise Sept. 9 concert, held in a salsa club.
  3. Sorry bout lack of posts this afternoon, I'm going to go see #ArcadeFire soon, and had go shopping for a costume?  Check out Fuse News Tonight at 7:30 PM...
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  5. Some vowed to abandon the band
  6. But others thought it was pointless to get upset. Some support the dress code idea
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