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Top 10 San Diego Political & Media Stories

This list is based entirely on what I remember from 2011, which means it's deeply flawed. Thanks for checking it out. Happy New Year!


  1. 10. After years of debate the City Council approves funding for Downtown's first full service permanent homeless shelter.
  2. 9. A huge financial liability is reined in when city and labor leaders agree to a historic retiree health care deal.
  3. 8. The San Diego County Taxpayers Association's annual dinner is a huge hit thanks to a hilarious skit based on the movie, The Hangover. Yes, that is Police Chief Bill Lansdowne tasering Councilman Carl DeMaio. 

  4. 7. Despite resistance from the San Diego Chargers and some hotel owners with properties located outside Downtown, the City Council moved forward with plans to expand one of the region's leading economic engines.

  5. 6. What's left of Occupy San Diego continues to make news. The protest, tied to the national Occupy Wall Street movement, peaked in late October with a rally outside City Hall.
  6. 5. Four top shelf candidates decide to run for Mayor and two of them pass an early fundraising test with impressive hauls.
  7. 4. San Diego Unified, the state's second-largest school district, flirts with insolvency -- again. The district's budget problems are expected to dominate headlines in 2012 and be a major issue in the upcoming mayor's race.
  8. 3. The region's leading news source, The San Diego Union-Tribune is sold, and its new CEO stumbles out of the gate.
  9. 2. One of the biggest local stories of the year broke in L.A. but the the ripple effect from the Farmers Field announcement continues to be felt in San Diego.
  10. 1. There was no bigger fight than the battle to qualify a sweeping pension reform initiative.
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