It's 2015 and Chris Kenny is somehow writing columns from 2011

Chris Kenny doesn't like emissions trading schemes, so he's built a time machine that allows him to submit copy from a remote cabin in an idyllic past when none of these nasty carbon things existed.


  1. Economies around the world are increasingly turning to market-based methods of reducing carbon emissions:
  2. In his column today, Chris Kenny told us that this was nonsense: no 'serious' country was introducing emissions trading schemes, nor would they any time soon. This is a 'fact'.
  3. So there you have it, diplomats: South Korea, which introduced a national ETS in January this year—not a 'serious' country. What about China?
  4. Kenny tried to dodge this one by talking about China's target, rather than the institutional means by which it is proposing to meet that target:
  5. And he couldn't even get that right:
  6. So I tried to bring him back to the actual topic at hand, which was whether 'serious' countries were bringing in emissions trading schemes, or were going to.
  7. Maybe all of the technical work going on in the Chinese bureaucracy to implement an ETS (they're hoping for late 2016, maybe early 2017) is just a ruse? Maybe they've established a national emissions registry as a joke? Possibly the sectoral guidelines that their top economic policymaking authority has issued are a hoax perpetrated by the Russian secret service? Whatever the story, Kenny's just not buying it.
  8. So I asked Kenny about a major ETS that came into force in January this year:
  9. I'm still waiting to hear back. Maybe the reception in Chris's apocalypse cult bunker is patchy. Let's hope he can still file next week, when I hear he'll be telling us about how, at least from his vantage point in 1992, this 'internet' contraption is a bit overhyped.
  11. I was getting a bit worried that maybe Kenny had been sucked into the fabric of spacetime. But here he is again, apparently agitated that the media outlet for which I write is, unlike the Australian, actually profitable.
  12. I pointed out that there was something a bit bizarre about an ontological system that decided that any emissions trading scheme that was "infant" was not an emissions trading scheme:
  13. But Kenny, a dextrous and nimble mind, had already moved on to powdered drink flavourings, possibly still consumed in whatever decade he's reporting from now.
  14. Let it never be said that I'm anything less than courteous though.