Clam Jam 2013 viewed with mixed results by all

Most students, police, and residents viewed this year's festivities as a "controlled" success, while some residents still wish more could be done to stop the event.


  1. On Saturday, April 27, Fairfield University students hosted their annual Clam Jam, a gathering held at every year at Fairfield beach, at the Lantern Point area in particular. In the past, the event has drawn crowds of 2,000 - 3,000 people, and has gained attention from statewide news outlets.
  2. Numerous arrests at Fairfield U Clam Jam
  3. In order to prevent this number of people attending, residents got an injunction from the court that allowed only 250 people at the area of Lantern Point ten years ago. This year, students were said to have been preparing for the event by either staying overnight at friends' beach houses the night before, or waking up early on Saturday to get to the beach before the police arrived.
  4. Police also tried to prepare for the event, setting up DUI checkpoints along Fairfield Beach Road and Reef Road.
  5. Despite the police presence and a rule stating that anyone who does not have a wristband will be forced to leave the Point, students began arriving around 8:30, and by 11:30 the beach was packed with students. Bob Smith, a Fairfield EMT and member of the Fire Department saw it getting busy earlier than that.
  6. Two students had to be taken away by ambulance by about noon time, according to Connecticut Post's Genvieve Reilly.
  7. Police presence did increase throughout the day, as officers from Fairfield, Trumbull, and other surrounding towns were on sight, as well as mounted officers from Bridgeport. Students continued to gather at the beach throughout the day, even despite announcements being made that anyone with a wristband would be asked to leave.
  8. There were a few infractions on the day, including two for marijuana possession. Cars parked along the street were also towed.
  9. Fairfield University sent some members of the administration to keep an eye on the day's events, despite Clam Jam not being an official university event whatsoever.