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A livetweet of @wycats and @chancancode's EmberConf talk about Glimmer 2 internals

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  1. @wycats and @chancancode gave a talk at EmberConf taking us through the nitty gritty details of their work on Glimmer 2, and what optimization strategies they used to achieve re-render performance 4-5X faster than React. These are my tweets from the audience.
  2. Glimmer 2 is being developed in the open. See for the code, including demos.
  3. Godfrey has also been working on a 📘 walking curious people through the internals, which covers the things in this livetweet in more detail. It's a work in progress but can be seen here: 
  4. (This was a typo—I meant "pull" based not "poll" based.)
  5. The idea here is that—like V8 running your JavaScript—the Glimmer runtime can figure out what type of data you're sending through it and make optimizations based on its type, how often it changes, etc. For example, if it detects that you are using immutable.js models, it may use one set of optimizations, but if you're using an Ember Data model with fine-grained property observation, it can use a different set.