Lesson: On social media in the media

What does social media mean to you? 140 characters on Twitter? A single photo on Instagram? An entire manifesto on a blog? Actually, it includes all of these things and much more. Learn to harness the power of social media... in the media. (This is constantly being updated!)

  1. Social media. It's our savior for getting the word out ....and our downfall when we don't get it right.

  2. Don't understand Twitter? No use trying to avoid it because it's a journalism tool that's very necessary to stay competitive in a media market that's over-saturated with so many social media outlets. It can be very hard to keep track, and keep up with.
    So, you need to be selective and smart about the social media choices you make.

    Consider these statistics:
  3. "Did You Know?" Fall 2009 edition [thetrendwatch.com]
  4. Consider these choices:
  5. Learning Outcomes for this lesson on social media:

    In this lesson you will learn:
    * What defines social media
    * What types of social media are beneficial for photojournalists
    * Basic guidelines for being responsible social media users
    * How social media can make or break a media organization or single user
  6. Let's start with a definition:

  7. Is what you share real and believable? Don't always trust it. Verify. Verify. Verify. Read before you share!
  8. If you want to share a link, always write a description of something YOU share. Don't just provide a link. I never open a link if there is no description - that screams SCAM!
  9. Social Media and News - Is it Reliable?
  10. Consider yourself a brand, with the intent of truth.

  11. How do you want to market yourself?
    Are you a photographer? Journalist? Artist? Photojournalist? You don't know yet?
    Are you a working professional? College student seeking a job? College student wanting to change careers?
    Is your social media branding you as any of the above, or is it devoid of any professional branding at all, with lots of photos of your family, your friends, yourself?
  12. There's a time and place for personal stuff. And this class is not the time or place.
  13. In this class you will use several social media tools that are popular with journalists:
    > Twitter (140 characters)
    > Instagram (single photo/video)
    > Blogger

  14. These tools will help build your reputation as a photographer, and as a scholastic photojournalist.
  15. Define your goals with this class in mind.
    How can you use social media to serve your purposes?
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