Video storytelling for photojournalists

This tutorial shows examples of good and bad video/audio in the storytelling process, as well as offer tips on how to shoot video with a DSLR camera.

  1. This tutorial is primarily for those of who have DSLR cameras that also shoot video (but there are also good tips for those shooting with camcorders, too).
  2. Shooting with a DSLR looks and feels like a still camera because IT IS a still camera. It has ISOs, shutters speeds, apertures and white balance: Same camera controls, but shooting stills and video are two different entities. With video, you add movement and sound. And there are other concerns, like frames per second.
  3. Here are are a few tips to remember when shooting video with any camera:
  4. > Visual variety (tight, medium, wide) > Focus is on your main subject > Consider composition, background, light and color balance. Your subject is your subject, despite the camera you use.
  5. > Use a tripod for steadiness > Shoot horizontal > Use an audio recorder to capture quality sound > Shoot every shot for at least 10 seconds > Use slower shutter speed
  6. I've curated a few good YouTube tutorials and articles that will help you get started:
  7. The ultimate Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking | Basic Tutorial
  8. Making Banh Uot (rice paper)
  9. This is the hotshoe mic I recommend for capturing audio with a DSLR camera:
  10. Cinema 5D Quick Take: Sennheiser MKE 400 HDSLR Microphone
  11. The following YouTube channel includes video shot by high school journalism teachers who have little or no experience shooting still photos or video. These were there homework assignments. The multiple shooting and audio mistakes are typical for amateur photographers who are just learning how a camera works. But they are excellent teachable moments:
  12. This is the blog post I wrote about the previous segment:
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