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New restaurant open in Toledo uses local, organic fare

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Fowl & Fodder brings the freshest local ingredients to Toledo food lovers.


  1. For Scott Bowman, it started with a simple concept: Provide fresh, delicious food using the best local ingredients. The idea of using local and even organic ingredients in a restaurant is gaining support in northwest Ohio, but the options for dinging out organic are still limited. 
  2. Scott talks Fowl & Fodder concept
  3. A great plan, right? But even the best plans need funding. So Scott & co. turned to the internet world with the help of popular funding platform, Kickstarter.
  4. Fowl and Fodder Kickstarter Video
  5. "Our goal is to bring scratch-made, local fare to our community by sourcing the best, sustainable ingredients out of northwest Ohio."
  6. Using Kickstarter for Fowl & Fodder
  7. The donations started coming in! Scott put together another video to show their progress. Another way that Fowl & Fodder stands apart from the crowd: A lot of the material used in the restaurant itself is recycled from old barns or family property. 
  8. And it worked! Fowl & Fodder hit its Kickstarter goal on May 24. By July they were preparing for their grand opening. A special pre-opening event was held for those who had helped them along the way.
  9. Enjoying the pre opening of Fowl and Fodder! Toledo's newest restaurant with all fresh and local fare...
  10. #local #FowlnFodder #ToledoProud
    #local #FowlnFodder #ToledoProud
  11. July 17 was the big day - the grand opening. 
  12. Check out that menu! #FowlnFodder #fresh #yum
    Check out that menu! #FowlnFodder #fresh #yum
  13. And people loved it.
  14. Pear, pineapple, kale juice #FowlnFodder #FreshSqueezed
    Pear, pineapple, kale juice #FowlnFodder #FreshSqueezed
  15. At lunchtime on Thursday, the line was out the door!
  16. Scott talks Fowl & Fodder grand opening
  17. kale chips and cheesesteakfood 1
    kale chips and cheesesteakfood 1