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#SochiProblems: The Strangest Tweets So Far

The Olympics officially began yesterday, but the defining image of the games so far is the issues surrounding Sochi's readiness. Athletes, journalists and tourists have been sharing their experiences publicly on social media using #SochiProblems.


  1. The first tweet from @SochiProblems featured a hotel room with three small beds.
  2. The most-retweeted tweet so far. The image has since been debunked by Gizmodo
  3. ABC Correspondant Matt Gutman shared this image that you won't likely see on television. 
  4. The account reflected on its incredible growth. 
  5. Bob Costas appeared on Thursday night's NBC broadcast with an eye infection. 
  6. Journalist Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune posted this image on the day of the Opening Ceremonies.