Social Media as Marketing Material


  1. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  2. Wanna some hate-or-love relationship? Let social media come into your life. You will have to learn how to work with them and how to turn them into your marketing tool.

    You don’t know what to start with? Ok, here we are to help you.

    Twitter chats should be turned into marketing content.

    Twitter is a huge tool not only for following your friends. It gives you an awesome possibility to connect with the whole world. You may take part in Twitter chats to create a unique content for your website. It is a very easy way of making content by means of interacting and recording talks through text.
    To be on time for chats, use chat schedule on Twitter. They will help you find topics you are interested in and precisely for your brand. Find out time and hashtag for your chat group to get access to. Feel free to ask questions and share some information. Make notes of chat participants and those who make influence.
    After chat is over, read it again and mark key information and quotes. Then this is the time for writing a blog post. As soon as the post is published on social media tag all the influencers whom you have mentioned in the post.

    Study social statistics.

    The purpose is to figure out wants of your target audience. That will help you understand what kind of content should be created for your brand. Likes or dislikes, comments and shares are a good tool to find out your customer’s “appetites”.
    Don’t panic if your content doesn’t have enough “eyes”, or receives negative comments. This is a good chance to see what audience does NOT want to see or hear about. In such case just keep silence, but keep in mind to avoid such posts in the future.
    On the contrary, if your posts get likes, positive feedback and lots of sharing, you can see what your target market wants to see and hear about.
    Make notes! Write down which topics were mostly read and commented.
    To reach success with your posts, you may use help of some companies that deal with marketing content (like Shopping Cart Elite, for example).

    Content should answer questions.

    Do you know that almost 80% of Americans interrelate with each other by means of social media?
    The reason is that it’s the easiest way to jump into the talk and answer all questions about your service, product or brand that the audience is asking. By the way, usually there are common types of questions, so scroll down your conversation and find out those questions. That will help you to have ready answers in the future.
    To get more followers, go to the pages of your competitors, check in there. Brainstorm various ways of creating the content that would answer all questions your followers ask.
    The content of any type may be generated in the form of posts in social media, emails or videos. Share it! Be a valuable resource; answer the questions no one is answering!

    Use social media marketing for your advantage!