Shop Cart SEO. Perfect ? Far from perfect?

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    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  2. There is some confusion and misunderstanding between notions of “SEO” and “Content-marketing”. Should be and how should they be fitted together? A far as SEO is everything about shop cart content, so content marketing is about SEO?

    There is no integration between SEO and content marketing (further CM), and this is a real problem. They are separated, because they are thought to be different things. But – really! – these shop cart notions work together. It’s impossible for CM to eliminate necessity of SEO. How can it be if the only way to efficient CM is having SEO?

    Let’s figure it out. Some differences between CM and SEO do exist (but anyway you can’t tear them into two parts). These differences are:

    · SEO is not so wide and his “work” has more technical features. Content-marketing is a wider and more holistic notion
    · To apply SEO you need to put your particular technical tries into content marketing. And by applying SEO, this is the only way to be successful with CM.
    · SEO is demanding. CM works on those demands to fulfill them.
    · SEO requires, CM is fulfilling those requirements.

    Shortly speaking, it’s kind of communication between two. Let us explain how these shoppingcart “friends” complement each other step by step.

    No SEO exists without content, because there is a strong demand in words, written articles, efficient content with necessary keywords, etc. SEO needs content. CM is content. Content is ruling, content is a content of content. So, what is a content marketing? It is the SEO practical implementation (meaning shop cart content), the core of CM. while SEO is shouting “More shop cart content needed!”, CM is answering “Gotcha, will be taken care of”.

    SEO can’t survive without keywords. Keywords must be searched for, researched, utilized and tracked due to the ranging. Content marketing is using keywords. It tells us how to apply those keywords in shoping cart content, and shows the way all the researches should be channeled into their application. That’s what CM is all about.

    · SEO always needs content
    No one will argue that the main component of SEO is keywords. Hey, SEO! Is it easy for you to optimize the page without a pretty text, in which the necessary key phrases will be skillfully written?
    There is no such thing as SEO without shop cart content. Only with the help of articles you can please search engines.
    In every second guide such as "How to promote the site" there are similar lines: "Search Engines are interested in making your website popular with users: it should be beautiful and convenient." And it happens so that the only guy who knows how to please the user is a shoppingcart content marketing.

    · Content marketing needs keywords
    When I first came to the company, my colleagues had already written dozens of articles on the blog, but they wrote them themselves. Optimization at the level is when everything is in place. But the behavioral factor left much to be desired: users mercilessly dropped articles and left the site. So shop cart content, design and style still play a role.

    · References
    Once upon a time I worked as a copywriter and often received from SEO tasks like "Write an interesting article with these keys here and do not forget link to this site." Then my article was published on one of the many sites for free posting and gave the promoted site a chance to get the top.
    Does it remind you anything? Nothing, that would start with "C", but ended with "content marketing"?
    Moreover, now buying links for promotion is not cool at all. So how are you going to receive them without shop cart content?

    And what else?

    To make the site popular with search engines SEO specialist will make a site map, order several SEO articles, place unique images on the pages, prescribe meta tags, at the same time insert keywords into them, organize backlinks and make internal relinking.

    To make the site popular with the users, the content marketer will check convenience of navigation on the site, write interesting, necessary and high-quality articles, make infographics and thoroughly rummage in photoshoot, prescribe catchy metatags to increase clickability from the issuance, make several guest posts and provide each article with a link " Read also ... ".
    Of course, this is not the entire list of events for each specialist, but, in our opinion, the main activities are quite similar.

    Conclusion for SEO professionals

    There are no secrets: we are free to talk about optimization and promotion. Any schoolboy can apply the techniques described in blogs. If all studios and SEO-freelancers are doing the same thing, then what about the benefits?
    Now you need to work hard to create a quality website with a good structure, and fill the pages with unique and good content. And still you need to draw links. How to get hundreds of links in a natural way? That's right, with the help of content marketing. If you are thoroughly working with the content, then the reward is sure to get natural links. There are a lot of natural links, which no search engine will find spammy. And this is additional traffic, don’t your agree with us?

    Conclusion for content marketers

    All of us with no doubt are very talented. We can easily write ashop cart article-killer, which will conquer the entire Internet: it will be copied into public posts, 200 times rewritten and 1000 times shared. But look at it from the other side: how will your useful article come out to the masses if people cannot find it? So, here come SEO with its responsibility to find the best place for our article.

    Let’s go further with the ideas…

    You may be the best algorithmic thinker or you may have perfect skills in strategy and discussions, but sometimes those competences won’t help you if we speak about shopping cart SEO and content.
  3. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  4. We listen to the questions, but hear different information. A client may ask about volume of necessary content, but the words that come to our mind will be “onliness of the text”.
    History of marketing knows a lot good stories about competition (for instance, shopify competitors Shopping Cart Elite or Bigcommerce). Competition is a good thing. But while in a hurry to write more shop cart content, companies waste a lot of money and time to get the result that is needless. To have more doesn’t mean to be better. Google engineers put a lot of efforts, knowledge and time to make bulk tactic no more ranking.

    Who is SEO for? The insane ones. All these tactics that either work or not: technical tweaks, thinking on content, building links, etc. Novices beat their brains out and scratch their heads over tasks set by their boss, get one after one crappy advices with minimum of useful information. Repelling sites created by them piss off users immediately. Then comes another freaky advice and – voila! – we’ve come full circle. All this results in muddling of best practices.
    And so what?

    Clarity. This is the thing that a shop cart SEO really lacks. If you want clear tactics and strategy, then make some distance from being perfect. Yes, it’s not easy, but just relax, take a deep breath and think about all possibilities can move the site of yours to perfect - changes, strategy and tactic.

    · Change – it requires existing policy and component. Replatforming and adding a new page. Images plus ALT attributes. Changing the way your shop cart makes purchases.
    · Tactic – executable practice, namely correction of broken links, ALT attributes and title tags optimization, and creating of specific part of shop cart content.
    · Strategy – usually leads to changes. The simplest way of strategy is a long-term policy of content.
    · Perfect – has 8 categories:
    - visible and relevant content
    - faultless user experience
    - immediate load time
    - content “0-duplicate”
    - easy indexation and classification of pages
    - zero mistakes, no broken links, no redirections
    - absence of reported suggestions or problems
    - complete authority via perfect original links

    8 categories help you crash “perfect” and concentrate you on real facts. Your “appetites” and resources for all requests you have depend on what tactics is more appropriate to you. If Googlebot notices no obstacles for users in access to your web-site, then this site is almost perfect, like on web sites of shopify competitors.