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Remote control vehicles. RC excavator and other RC construction machinery from TopRace


  1. Toys with remote control are an excellent gift for a smart and active child, who is already tired of traditional toys that need to be "rolled" and "carried." Moreover, with these RC excavator and other remote control construction toys you can spend more time with your child, because at first he will need your help to figure it all out. Despite the fact that in the shops of the area where you live remote control toys for children can cost a fortune, you will find necessary and affordable remote control toys, like RC excavator, for instance, for the most loyal price in the TopRace website.

    Remote control vehicles. RC excavator and other RC construction machinery for children and adults

    In the modern world, remote control toys are of various types: helicopters, airplanes, military equipment, dinosaurs, robots, tanks, boats, cars, RC excavator and etc.

    In addition, that all toys are interesting, they also help a child develop his imagination and different skills, such as coordination and eye-to-hand skills. For example, when playing with a remote control helicopter, a child feels like a real pilot. Or with RC excavator a child can imagine that he really works in a construction site. With a huge selection of helicopters, there are models that run only in enclosed spaces and those that manufacturers recommend to run in open areas to see and feel the pleasure of managing to the full. Such toys will be interesting even for adults, and they have high accuracy of control. With the full development of such professional models you can learn to do incredible things at high altitude.

    Machines with remote control are an excellent option, both for a novice rider, and for an experienced person. This category is famous for the immense choice of models. From the smallest "home" machines for kids and large models, prototypes of real cars to the world famous machines on the internal combustion engine, and brushless models for professional races. The age of "drivers" of such machines varies from 14 years old to a mature age!

    Models or toys with the remote control for adults. Radio-controlled models or toys with the remote control for adults

    Currently, the world produces a wide range of models of RC excavator, cars, airplanes, gliders, helicopters, boats, yachts. With such an enthusiasm it can be said that these toys are with remote control, but this is a profound error, rather it is toys with remote control for adults, and more correctly radio-controlled MODELS. Models of many manufacturers are designed for both beginners in this hobby, and for professional athletes.

    · Models or toys with remote control: AIRCRAFT
  2. Aircraft toys with remote control. Remote control aircraft have excellent flight characteristics and have an excellent finish! Most aircraft models are large-scale models-copies of real aircraft.

    RTF (Ready to fly) is designed for novice aircraft designers. Such aircraft with electric traction does not require any preflight preparation and is almost ready to take off immediately after the purchase.
    "Advanced" aircraft means sports and aerobatics, 3D aircraft and copies of Warbird that are produced both with electric motor and with ICE and are designed for experienced aircraft modelers. About such models it cannot be said that this is a toy with the remote control. These aircraft are designed to perform various aerobatics figures and for performances in competitions and require a lot of experience in the management and tuning of aircraft.
  3. · Models or toys with remote control: GLIDERS

    Gliders like toys with the remote control are produced for adults. Gliders are high-precision models with or without electric motor with excellent flight characteristics. Radio-controlled airframes are delivered as assembled Ready Set (ready for flight) for beginners’ gliders and in the KIT version (assembly kits, set of blanks) for advanced users.

    · Models or toys with remote control: AUTOMODELS
  4. Road cars are toys with remote control. Remotely controlled cars, like real cars, are divided into off-road cars - monsters, highway and rally cars. In addition, there is a division into remotely controlled cars with internal combustion engines or electric motors. The advantage of electric motors is ease of use, of low noise and with the ability to drive in enclosed spaces. The advantage of cars with ICE is more powerful engines; in view of the latter they are suitable for both sporting events and for everyday entertainment. Some models are not at all remote control toys, because they are equipped with multistage SUVs - toys with the remote control for adults (up to 4 steps) by gearboxes, and are able to reach speeds of up to 100 km / h!

    Particular attention is attracted to remote control cars that can be assembled (kit sets). Such models allow you to combine the pleasure of designing and speedy driving. Engine cooling systems, multistage gearboxes, active suspensions and engines of various classes - there is a wide list of professional modifications of remote control cars from the world's leading manufacturers.

    · Models or toys with remote control: BOATS

    Such are models with the most powerful internal combustion engine of the sport series, the speed characteristics of which exceed all expectations and reach 80 km / h on water! The hulls of such boats are made of fiberglass, which ensures maximum rigidity of the model. Unique control details provide excellent driving performance at high speeds.

    Radio-controlled electric motor boats are fully finished models of factory assembly. For “bushing” on the waves it is enough just to charge the battery. In the catalogs of some manufacturers, you can see boats with two (!) Electric motors, which provide the model with dynamics that surpasses some of the boats with ICE!

    · Models or toys with remote control: YACHTS

    Radio-controlled yachts have excellent controllability, the most modern materials for assembly! Yacht hulls are made of durable wear-resistant plastic or carbon, have an original shape to reduce water resistance. The sails are made of their super-hard nylon or special highly durable material. A lot of details are included in the kit in order to turn this yacht into a real copy. Yachts are delivered in the form of a kit for assembly (kit) or a practically complete set of READYSET.

    · Models or toys with remote control: HELICOPTERS
  5. Radio-controlled helicopters are toys with the remote control. At the moment, helicopter models are produced with an electric engine and an internal combustion engine (ICE) and are designed for flights in the open space (some models for indoor use). Among the radio-controlled helicopters there are models for both amateurs and professionals.

    Helicopters are NOT toys at all! All models with ICE are powerful radio-controlled helicopters; they have a fast climb and a large flight mass. The adjustment for the models with the electric motor is much simplified; such radio-controlled helicopters are unpretentious in operation and are designed for flight up to 20 minutes. With their lightness and maneuverability, helicopters with an electric motor have a unique set of qualities for aerial 3D acrobatics.