Double Traffic Without Click Fraud Is the Target

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  1. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  2. Get ready! Here we want to talk about some notions for you to understand SEO as much as you can, and, therefore, double your traffic as soon as you can.

    Becoming a SEO expert means lots for you, because hundreds at the moment are looking for the content that you can provide them with.

    So, what does traffic start with? According to research, 80% of it starts with a search query. This is the reason why optimization of search engine is such an important process. Of course, it requires lots of researches and experiments, as Google is updated on the constant basis. You’ll have to do much work, like keeping an eye on invalid clicks adwords, trying to detect click fraud and prevent click fraud, etc.

    But with practice, you’ll become a SEO expert yourself.

    Over 3 billion searches are conducted daily; people (78% of them in the US) use world web to find out about products and services, before they decide to buy them.

    As soon as your website gets rank to be in the first results of Google search, you become visible. That is, you get more traffic and conversions, and, as a result, more revenue. If you are on the first page that means more audience, because 75% of internet surfers don’t even go further the page one.

    We present you with some techniques for implementing in order to increase the traffic. The more people you get, the more customers will be there for you. So, what should we do to get the best results? Let’s start!

    These are the actions you should complete:

    1. Audit your website
    2. Study the users’ wants
    3. Make proper landing pages (they also should be SEO optimized)
    4. Your website should be friendly for mobile version
    5. Use infographics for traffic growing
    6. Click fraud detection is obligatory
    7. Go through optimization for RankBrain
    8. Write more than 2,000 words
    9. Write a round-up article
    10. Use social media for valuable content posting
    11. Internal deep links to be used
    12. Send all links to decrease ranked pages
    13. Provide linking to some external sites
    14. Figure out and put in use the keywords that your competitors use
    15. Use keywords in the titles of your pages
    16. Old content must be updated constantly