Farewell Sprint with Kings Bay Y Travel Camp


  1. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  2. Hey, LA, get ready for more than 40 teenagers from Kings Bay Y teen travel camp, ‘cause they are going to hit the town!

    Venice Beach was full of positive vibrations and colorful artworks. Trip participants scattered in order to check small beach shops and do some gape-seed of the well-known place. Some of them bought one-of-a-kind apparel that will remind them about their time in the travel camp. After the excursion along Venice Beach, they accommodated in the dorms. Most of teens went to the gym to have a quick workout, and some went to the pool. Hollywood Highlands were waiting for them! Hollywood’s hustle and bustle kept everyone ready at call. Night-long walks were interrupted with Diddy Riese’s sandwiches of mouth-watering cookie ice-cream.

    Next morning the UCLA bookstore was captured with travel camp participants attention. There some of them bought clothing for the future college. After that everybody headed off to the place of action. It was a famous and one-of-a-kind Universal studio! Teens impersonated wizards on their virtual ride of Harry Potter; it was an epic chase through Hogwarts, and such a real-to-life experience! After that it was a ride with King Kong that left everybody with mind-blowing emotions. Visit to the haunted house of “Walking Dead” kept them screaming of horror and holding hands of each other. That was really epic! Each of teens tried their luck in cracking the code at Universal in order to get a line bypass that allowed getting a ride faster. The member-teens from travel camp found out that “Massachusetts” was a password, just like in the Goblet of Fire. As for the water world that was absolutely amazing, action-like and leaving teens soaking wet, even though then they chose to stay in the splash zone.

    Before dinner, which was in Hard Rock Café, travel campers decided to play some camp games. They were so entertaining, having fun and laughing that the whole audience was got into the entertainment! A dance party finished that awesome and full of impressions day.
    The morning started with educational aspects at Museum of Tolerance. Kings Bay Y travel campers learned about tolerance lack when speaking not only about sexual orientations, but also races and religions. There were a lot of unexpected and insightful questions from members of travel camp, and we were happy that teens are open to new thoughts and eager to get answers on very important issues.

    After museum, it was a visit to Farmer’s Market, shopping on Rodeo Drive, going to well-known Hollywood Improv. The cheeks did hurt of smiling! And after there was their small contribution to community – teens of travel camp did sorting of tons of fruits that will go to those in need. We were proud of our Kings Bay Y campers – they really worked hard and showed a brilliant team work.

    Time for Disneyland! Can you imagine anything more exciting for teens? Travel camp members were absolutely astonishes with all the attractions, views and, as final, an incredible half-an-hour fireworks show – those memories will be kept for the lifetime! But that was not the end of our trip. The St. Diego Zoo with its koalas, pandas and many more animals and birds to see!

    We were sorry to realize that it was our last day of a trip. We became a real family, supporting, appreciating and caring of each other. It was a perfect time for all of us and we are really looking forward for or next trip!