Countertop Solutions for Remodelling - Mistakes to be Avoided


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    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  2. Each industry has its own pros and cons. We could sentimentalize about remodelling advantages or of flooring, but this article is not about that. But if we speak about remodelling disadvantage, there is one and the only – i.e. every mistake costs much. For you to understand what we mean, here is some statistics: an average cost for remodelling a room is more than 10 thousand dollars. the same remodelling of kitchen with countertop solutions will lessen your budget for almost 20 thousand dollars.
    Making mistakes is not only about money cost; this is also about emotions and time cost. As far as there is much set on a chance while remodelling, the rules of the game are clear: mistakes should be avoided and a plan for unexpected issues should be implemented.
    So, here in this post we would like to mention some remodelling mistakes that (to our shame) all of us still make.

    1. No enough budget
    You are going to be surprised, but lots of homeowners fail to do write a clear budget. You may ask what can happen without doing that. Well, the answer is simple: you're going to spend more than it is affordable for you. And then you become stressed and regretful. That is why writing down every expense is vital.

    This is very easy to count the math. You have a number. Plus 10% to the sum and you’ve got your budget. These 10% are necessary for some unexpected costs or last-minute on-the-spot decisions.

    2. No in-advance plan
    Yes, you are busy with raising children, with your job and doing some social life. All of us are. But you really need to take some time and plan the remodelling. What are the issues you should plan?
    · House in mess. We mean that while remodelling there is dust everywhere. Additional option to live this period somewhere else is necessary to be considered, or, at least, have an alternative arrangements for cooking food.

    · Counter top, backsplashes & flooring. As a rule, there is the same scenario: a client buys materials on the last day of deadline. That results in buying available countertop on the stock, but limits you in your choice, because there could have been many more variants for you to choose. But now you are in a hurry, and you buy not what you want but what is available right now. Even if it doesn’t suit your design a little. That is why designing should be done in advance.

    · Holidays. Do you really plan remodelling during holidays? And leave you without possibility to host any party? Oh, come on! During holidays material are always shipped with delay. Planning! The right planning gives you less stress.

    3. Delays
    It’s impossible to foresee every problem, even if you are the most experienced remodelling person in the world. That’s why add one or two weeks to the completion date on schedule.