Check Your New Website


  1. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  2. It might be quite a difficult task to change a website or to build a completely new one. We have some tips here for you to start completing your checklist.

    1. Clearly define your difference from your competitors. Make priorities due to their importance, resources and efficiency, in accordance with your requirements and needs of your target audience.

    2. Define keywords for your company (lots of successful marketing companies, like Shopping Cart Elite do that). Prioritize those keywords; choose ten or fifteen top-keywords for your business. You are going to need them when creating the sitemap, and also for every marketing action on the site.

    3. Pin down your ideal customers (i.e. target markets). Make segment of these markets, separate into groups due to buying habits, demographic data and roles. Make those segments prioritized.

    4. UVP – haven’t you developed it yet?

    5. Be sure that you, as the owner, have control of your website. You should have access to it to make some changes, like adding images or video, or a new content and not to wait for approval of the web-designer. For this, the best way to work is using CMS or platform for content managing.

    6. Be sure that your partner who works with you doesn’t use a proprietary platform of custom development. When is it best to hold your options open? Yes, when you take decision who to work with.

    7. Decide which friendly for search engine platform is the best for you.

    8. Be sure that you are the only owner of everything that is on your website – domain, content, every development, etc. This is vital! Sometimes, when you decide to work with a partner, you may become a hostage of circumstance on the part of other web companies. So, our advice is to have access to everything (as an administrator). And always keep passwords and usernames!

    9. Prioritize and use CTAs. They make navigation of your website simpler. They “rule” the visitor’s choice where to go and what to do.

    10. You website should be mobile-friendly. There are two critical components for visibility of your website in the market. They are accessibility and mobile friendliness. With your site (both mobile and responsive) building a mobile version of it is not obligatory.

    11. Security responsibility! And it is vital! All updates and maintenance relating to security could be done by you. You must know who is responsible for important elements of your website.

    12. Find a good SEO specialist. Or get optimization of the search engine. These are the first steps to be done if you want to attract lots of customers.

    13. Think over the website architecture. A Prof Copywriter could be of great help for you. Describe to him/to her the keyword strategy to be sure that the content of the website has that keyword for search engine and audience.