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Best Programmable Thermostat 2013 - Let's Stop Wasting Energy

The top rated home programmable thermostats are here. Tips to lower your energy bills with programmable thermostats.


  1. How much savings can I make on energy bills?

    Lowering the temperature of a programmablethermostat a few degrees will cut your bill by at least $10 a month.
  2. On how much should I set the programmablethermostat when I'm not home, at 65F (18C), 60F(15.5C), or even 50F (10C)?

    Lowering temperature to 60F(15.5C) is a common rule from energy efficient experts. The energynecessary to bring the temperature back to 68F (20C) oreven 79F (26C ) is not significant.
  3. How much lower can I drop my thermostat?

    There is a tight relation between how lowyou can dial down your programmable thermostat with how good insulated yourhome is. With good isolation, you can go as low as 55F (12C)or even 50F (10C). Going that low on a leaky house maycause water pipes icing up on very cold days.
  4. For how long should I drop the temperaturewhen I'm not home?

    The answeris straight: the longer the better. But according to energy experts, even acouple of hours in dropping temperature everyday can result in savings.