Redistricting in Tennessee is controlled by Republicans for the first time, and Democratic legislators (along with at least one Republican) are reeling as they absorb the proposed changes.


  1. West Tennessee: population shrank, so districts get collapsed
  2. Middle Tennessee: huge growth, Rutherford gets a new House district, 2 Nashville Democrats are squeezed into a single district; and the lone Republican casualty, Sen. Kerry Roberts, sees his district "vanish"

  3. East Tennessee: Slight population decline, Bradley County gets split in an effort to target Sen. Andy Berke of Chattanooga, Reps. Brown and Favors have to battle for the 28th House District
  4. No surprise: the Democrats controlled the redistricting pen as a result of having a majority in the state Legislature for over one hundred years, and often used this power for electoral advantage.
  5. What's next: The General Assembly is expected to deliberate on the proposed redistricting plans as soon as it convenes on January 10. Meanwhile, journalists, observers, and politicians will continue their scramble to understand and position themselves to deal with the ramifications.