Recharge at ONA15

"Battery low" is a nightmare for any journalist, but ONA has you covered with charging stations set up throughout the conference levels.


  1. It's Day Two of #ONA15, and conference organizers are hoping you've had time to recharge your battery.
  2. Not your internal battery — your phone battery.
  3. Despite some tweets referencing a lack of available outlets, several charging stations went underused Friday morning. That, of course, may be because overnight charges haven't yet worn off. Or, some people have yet to find these charging stations exist.
  4. There's an Inform-sponsored recharge lounge outside the California Showroom, a power station at the Bing News table and a recharge station across from the Disneyland Diamond Celebration table — both of which are in the California Showroom. There are additional setups on the Plaza Level.
  5. Some recruiters are offering free battery banks:
  6. Other solutions include investing in a mobile battery pack.
  7. In moments of desperation, some attendees resorted to alternative power sources.
  8. Signs are set up to point toward the various "outlets" for recharging at ONA. If nothing else, they're here to help out the woefully uncharged.