Berkeley City Council meeting, Tuesday June 28, live coverage

Berkeleyside's Lance Knobel attended tonight's Berkeley City Council meeting and live tweeted the highlights. Look for full story on Berkeleyside tomorrow.


  1. The first part of the meeting is about the consent calendar: lots of short items that are handled very rapidly. 
  2. Now it's on to the main issue in front of the council tonight: the two-year budget for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. The main content of the budget has been discussed in 10 previous council meetings since October, and is certain to pass. The debate tonight is all about the supplemental proposals. 

    Before councilmembers speak, there is time for public comment. The first 10 speakers get two minutes; subsequent speakers get one minute. 
  3. Anderson's proposal for supplemental funding to a variety of community projects and agencies calls for about $100k more funding than Maio's proposal (we'll have the full details in tomorrow's Berkeleyside). 

    The idea is to fund the extra by trimming the budget's multi-million dollar allocation for paving. 
  4. Great foofaraw between Worthington and Mayor Bates over both a Worthington proposal to find the extra money and Worthington's assertion that the public wasn't given a fair hearing tonight.