❤ Unique indian baby girl names 2016 starting with s

Unique indian baby girl names 2016 starting with s


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  3. Unique indian baby girl names 2016 starting with s

    Sasthi Hindu Satinka Native American magic dancer Satoko Japanese child of Sato Satyavati Saumya Hindu Saundarya Hindu Savanna Spanish From the grasslands or open plains. Shannelle French channel Shannon Irish From the name of a river in Ireland. Jane - God is gracious. Shayndel Yiddish beautiful Sheba Greek A woman of Sheba, an ancient Arabian country. Susanna Italian A Lily. Sheetal Hindu cool Sheila The blind one, or the sixth. Sher Sanskrit The beloved one or a Lion. Saeko Japanese child of Sae Safak Turkish Saffi Danish Form of Sophie. Serafina Heavenly, winged angel. Iris Apfel may be in her 90s but her name, much like her style, is timeless. Judith - A woman from Judea. If a cultural first name is too far off from your current way of life, you may want to consider selecting a middle name as a way to honor your heritage.

    Stacy Latin Prosperous or resurrection. Sachiko Japanese bliss, child of Sachi Sadb Gaelic Sade Nigerian honor confers a crown Sadhana Hindu Sadie A princess. The Romans kidnapped the Sabine women to provide brides for the citizens of Rome. Click through to see our favorites from A to The feminine form of Stephen.

    Sissie The blind one, or the sixth. Steffie A garland or crown. Silei Samoan Silke German The blind one, or the sixth. Or go down the route of current It models like Binx Walton and Bella Hadid. Sushanti Hindu peace Sushma Hindu Sushmita Hindu smiling Susi A Lily. Jane - God is gracious.

    Unique indian baby girl names 2016 starting with s

    Sarasvati Hindu a Goddess Saravati Hindu Sarea Hebrew name of an angel Saree Arabic most noble Saria Hebrew A echo. Saba Greek woman of Sheba Sabah Arabic The morning. Sharlene A free person. Shobhna Hindu Shobi Hebrew glorious Shoko Prime child of Sho Shona Scottish Gaelic God is gracious. The feminine form of Stephen.

    Sherri The beloved one. Sparrow English a bird Spica Latin name of a star Spring English spring season Sr through Sy Sraddha Hindu faith, a wife of Shiva Srilata Hindu Sripada Hindu Srishti Hindu Sruti Hindu Stacey She who will rise again. It becomes your Facebook page, your website, your blog and everything else.