WisCon 40: #KeepYAKind and Other Nice Tools of the Oppressor

Tweets from the WisCon panel with Becky Allen, Betsy Haibel, Justine Larbalestier, & Mark Oshiro, moderated by K Tempest Bradford


  1. Description: There is always a point in the midst of heated Internet discussions where someone lifts their voice to make a call for Kindness, Niceness, Civility, or any other adjacent concept. These calls often go up when the issue at hand concerns an individual with privilege being called out by folks with significantly less privilege or cultural power. And Kind, Nice, and Civil become synonyms for Keep Your Mouth Shut. When this happens again, what tools can we use to dismantle this toxic dynamic and get back to the core matter? Are there secret code words we can deploy to neutralize the terms?