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K Tempest Bradford's Hate Tweets

Recently I wrote a thing which brought all the trolls to the yard. I'm used to it, but I wondered what it would look like if I just started saving the hateful tweets people send me in one place. Hateful being attacks on me personally, name calling, threats, etc.


  1. Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies have thoughts.
  2. Not exactly sure why this person showed up. Might be a disgruntled xoJane commenter, might be someone angry about my opposition to Sad Puppies.
  3. This set of tweets is related to the Tempest Challenge stuff, though came much later.
  4. After I embarrassed this person, they brought in their sockpuppet account.
  5. These tweets are in response to a piece I wrote wherein I challenged people to not read straight, white, cis male authors for one year in order to change the way they view and think about the books they read and the choices they make.

    Not included here: tweets that just called me sexist, racist, or bigoted for issuing such a challenge.
  6. With these two I'm not sure if Pray 4 Life actually thinks I am a trans woman or is insinuating that I'm trans as an insult unto itself.