What's Next DC Resources.

Top resources, graphics, photos, videos and tweets referencing any of the above from What's Next DC January 2011. This is meant to be a quick overview, I have more in-depth coverage as blog posts.


  1. Update 11.13.11: What's Next DC is having a 2012 conference! First update below is a video about what's next dc. I'm in it, and yes, I'm aware that I was looking up. Used to do that when I was thinking. :-)

    Shonali Burke and Jill Foster are in it too. 
  2. What's Next DC 2012 - Washington D.C. Marketing Conference

  3. Full Transcripts of The Day's Tweets

    (Derived from following the  #whatsnextdc hashtag)

    WTheHashtag: Transcript | Main Hashtag page (times are Pacific)

  4. Photos from various Flickr streams & Elsewhere

    Use #whatsnextdc if you want yours included in the next update. 
  5. Lisa Byrne, Social Media Marketing Expert #WhatsNextDC
    Lisa Byrne, Social Media Marketing Expert #WhatsNextDC
  6. Social Media: Changing Business
    Social Media: Changing Business
  7. Highlights from the day's Tweets

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