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I have another What's Next DC page with mostly resource links, as well as resource-related pics and videos. This one focuses on my top picks from the presentations themselves, including related links that will help you find photos, reactions or overviews, as well as reach the speakers, & their sites.


  1. For The Whole Enchilada...

    If you want all the presentations without all of my editorial comments and extra stuff, you're better off going directly to the Schedule section at the What's Next DC site.

    I'm only doing my favorites and then linking to them anyway. :) For people who want extras? Carry on!

  2. The First Speaker was Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot. It was a big favorite and a great choice to start off the day.
  3. Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot  #WhatsNextDC
    Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot #WhatsNextDC
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  5. Next up was Bryan Eisenberg, Managing Parner, Eisenberg holdings. His was the most "What's Nextious" presentation, and as someone versed on the concepts being discussed, I got the most out of his presentation.

    It was also directly relevant to a book I'm writing about what the world could look like as the wall between offline and online falls, socially, economically and how that will affect our behavior as both business owners and consumers. 

    So I could be biased. (Which is why I include the Twitter snapshot links - the crowd is a better barometer.) 
  6. Bryan Eisenberg, Managing Partner of Eisnberg Holdings #WhatsNextDC
    Bryan Eisenberg, Managing Partner of Eisnberg Holdings #WhatsNextDC
  7. Bryan Eisenberg and Tod Plotkin #WhatsNextDc
    Bryan Eisenberg and Tod Plotkin #WhatsNextDc
  8. Bryan's presentation had both video and slides. I'm hoping to find a video of the whole thing, or replace this with the slides.

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  9. Paul Williams, of Idea Sandbox, presented his talk on Remarkability after Darrell Hammond from Kaboom spoke. 

    Paul had on a banging jacket that oozed creativity. I also got some actionable points from his presentation on Remarkability, but by the time he came on, the word had been worn out, and he faced a few heckles in the Twitter comments. 

    I think he would have been better received had he gone off first, but I totally understand why they led off with Brian and Bryan.

    Darrell spoke without slides or notes, and cautioned us to take some time out to play, which prompted my break in the afternoon from tweeting. According to him, there may be a link between bullying and too much screen time where our kids are concerned. 

    If you don't know about Kaboom, Parks and Recreation, my second favorite comedy, did a show around Kaboom, and Ben and Jerry's named a flavor after them. So yeah. They're way relevant. Go read up - I had to. 

  10. My next favorite presentation was after lunch. Debbie Weil came on to talk about Finding Your Social Media Sweet Spot. Suddenly we were back to the edge between what's next and what's now, rather than what was. 

    She was earnest, and sincere and her content was actionable - at one point she asked us to get out pen & paper, which I *loved* and did.

    The rest of the Peanut Gallery on Twitter kind of poked each other in the ribs but for me, that was my favorite part. She was also the only speaker I accosted after, which sadly cost me the opportunity to hear Rand Fishkin speak. I've been a stalk , er, fan of his for years so this was rough on me.

    No regrets though, as I finally got to meet the great Debbie in person.
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  12. And then later Rand Fishkin came on to talk about . One of my few search rock star idols. Founder of the great and useful SEOMoz.org, which contains about 25% of the search tools in my kit. 

    And I missed him. 

    On the day I was there for what I'm most known for, as a floating expert for search. 

    FAIL. Just stamp it on my forehead.

    I really wish the Q and A had taken place between speakers, although the one on one time with Debbie was invaluable. 
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  14. Shonali Burke, Principal Shonali Burke Consulting #WhatsNextDC
    Shonali Burke, Principal Shonali Burke Consulting #WhatsNextDC
  15. Last, but definitely not least, the fantastic Shonali Burke gave a short, sweet and value-packed presentation to a grateful after-lunch crowd. 

    She's my editor at Women Grow Business, in the interest of disclosure. But my views of her great-osity are fully supported by the Twitter Peanut Gallery as you'll see below.
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