The Advantages of Using a Video Production Company

Charity Foundations– A charity's very existence depends on public support.


  1. If you are in the market for high-quality, outstanding video content in the public, private or charity sectors, then you know how vital it is to convey your message in an understandable, clear and concise manner. It is critical to capture your audience's attention, and more importantly, to keep its attention once you have it. Studies show that video content is the preferred source of obtaining information, with nearly 80-percent of website visitors watching video clips. It is also believed that those watching the videos retain nearly 95-percent of what they watch, compared to 10-percent through reading.

    A company like Tinker Taylor creates engaging videos that motivate viewers into action, thus generating a substantial return on investment. From the beginning stages through final delivery, a reputable video production company helps clients define their target audience, clarify their message, and identify the best avenue through which to reach their intended audience and recruit new customers. They have a team consisting of cinematographers, lighting and sound technicians, script writers, editors, directors, graphic artists and illustrators, all dedicated to bringing your project to life. Market sectors that benefit from the use of video advertising include:

    Charity Foundations– A charity's very existence depends on public support. Finding creative and unique ways to reach potential donors, supporters and volunteers is essential. Video content is a powerful tool. It increases awareness, brings in donations, recruits volunteers, and gains needed support. Effective videos include short features with characters and voice-overs outlining available goods and services. Other options include drama-based videos to increase public awareness of particular events or issues central to the charity.

    Corporate Video Production– A perfect means of increasing brand awareness is a professionally produced video. Professional videography equipment in combination with expert cinematography communicates the essence of any business. Video drives business to a corporation's website and increases its bottom line, thus keeping stockholders happy. Video content positions an entity a step ahead of its competition, increases targeted audience participation, and keeps the name brand prominent in the consumer's mind.

    Public Sector – Public sector videos are a powerful aid when recruiting people and support. They have the ability to change the public's perception of public service workers such as law enforcement. They enhance the public's awareness of the difficulties public servants face. One excellent example is the video produced by which highlight's the difficulties that face UK police federations.

    Partnering with a company like promotional video for business ensures the issues which face a business, charity, or public sector will be clearly heard. Their video content is distributed via social advertising campaigns and generates a considerable return on investment. They have produced numerous successful and powerful videos for many UK companies. Contact them today, and then sit back and watch the magic unfold.