Tweet Chat 1

#LinkedInChat 2/14/17 7:00 PM ~ 8:00 PM CT


  1. I was pretty nervous about the tweet chat, so I was monitoring the host's account all day. I noticed he was reminding everyone about the tweet chat that would be happening by tweeting the chat details few times through out the day.
  2. I was so nervous and had already typed up the first two tweet and scheduled it to post on Hootsuite minutes before the chat started. I was afraid that I might fall behind.
  3. Then I realized there were actually a lot of first timer and some were my classmate, I felt more comfortable. I started to get excited. I wanted to see what's everyone's experience on LinkedIn, since I feel like I am not really using it to its potential.
  4. More and more people started coming in to the chat during question 2, there were a mix of students and recruiters which made the discussion very interesting. But I felt like my chat wasn't engaging with other people's chat, I thought I was falling behind.
  5. So I just started to jump in/liking/retweeting to conversations that I could relate.