Denkmal für Sinti und Roma

In 2012 the Memorial for Sinti and Roma victims of the nazi regime was inaugurated in Berlin. (All sources are in German)


  1. The memorial commemorates the 500.000 Sinti and Roma victims of the nazi regime.

    For many years the plight of the Sinti and Roma was largely overlooked  by the German state and in history books due to racism.
  2. Denkmal für ermordete Sinti und Roma
  3. The memorial for the Sinti and Roma is a place where visitors can quietly remember the victims and also learn more about the genocide. 

    The building of the memorial began in 2008.
    It was supposed to have opened in 2009 but disagreements on the project between the Berliner Senats Bauverwaltung and the artist Dani Karavan prolonged the process until 2012.

  4. "This memorial is a place of hope. A hope that these horrible crimes will never be repeated" says artist Dani Karavan.

  5. Zoni Weisz -Einweihung des Denkmals für Sinti und Roma (Rom/Eng subtitles)- LIVE
  6. Zoni Weisz, survivor of the genocide, spoke at the opening of the memorial.

    In 1936 Berlin Sinti and Roma were rounded up and put in a camp in a Berlin suburb to remove them from the city during the Olympic Games held that summer. The persecution only increased after this.

    Weisz recounted how he as a 7-year old helped by a Dutch policeman narrowly escaped being put on a train from the Dutch Westerbork transitcamp to the Auschwitz deathcamp. 
    His parents and siblings were put on the train and were subsequently killed. 

    Weisz spoke of his hope that the memorial will mean that the genocide of Sinti and Roma will no longer be a forgotten chapter of history.