Dayton Signs "Kill Switch" Law As DFL Reaches Bonding Bill Agreement

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has signed a law requiring smartphone manufactures and providers to install "kill switches" on new phones sold in Minnesota after July 1, 2015. The bill is the first law of it's kind in the nation.

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  1. The new law would apply to smartphones and connected tablets and allow the owner to remotely erase the data and disable the device if it is lost or stolen.  Many major mobile device providers announced last month announced a voluntary agreement to start installing kill switches by the July 15th deadline.  The law's chief sponsor, Rep. Joe Atkins, argues there could be a competitive advantage for providers that start installing the programs ahead of time.
  2. Also... House and Senate DFL leaders have agreed to a $846 million dollar bonding bill that borrows for significant construction projects at the University of Minnesota and at MNSCU campuses.  For the first time in state history, the bonding bill also borrows $100 million for housing projects.   At Governor Dayton's request, the bill also adds $22 million to help build the Lewis & Clark water pipeline from South Dakota to Luverne, MN.
  3. Main spending items in the 2014 DFL Bonding Bill.
    Main spending items in the 2014 DFL Bonding Bill.
  4. The bonding bill is not a done deal.  It needs a super majority three-fifths vote and Republican leaders are not promising support when it goes to the House floor on Thursday.
  5. Finally, Governor Dayton signed the new expungement law.  It creates a process for people once convicted of crimes petition a judge to seal all of their past criminal records so they could qualify for housing and jobs.