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Social Media's Response to TIME's "We Are Americans" cover

A sample of Twitter and Facebook's reactions to the latest issue of TIME.


  1. This week TIME debuted a cover story by Jose Antonio Vargus, the journalist who almost exactly a year ago publicly revealed himself as an undocumented immigrant in a piece for The New York Times Magazine. In the latest issue of TIME, Vargas reports on life in citizenship limbo, and how others are 'coming out.'

    See how social media reacted in the comments below. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. On Facebook:
  3. they are not americans and they never will be
  4. We are Americans just not North Americans. Perthaps not US citizens but, definitely Americans.
  5. No, you're not Americans.
  6. This cover is a joke, love it or leave it, embrace your inner illegality.
  7. When I break the law I am held responsible for the consequences. I would like leniency to not pay parking tickets and to not go to jail for smoking green stuff, but when I break the law I have to answer to the law. Why do these people not have to follow our laws?
  8. Kick these leeches out. Secure our borders, enough of the madness.
  9. Slavery was legal. Today, we look at Harriet Tubman as a hero for having stolen slaves from their masters. (At least I think she was a hero - do you?) The parallel - not all that is legal is right. Not all that is illegal is wrong. Laws are made by mere mortals.
  10. look they wouldn't be here if there wasn't a demand for them. they wouldn't be here if our law were enforced. they wouldn't be here if our economy didn't depend on their cheap labor. so don't blame them. there's obviously a demand for them so there will be a supply.
  11. it really makes you redefine what it means to be an "american".
  12. all of you who think that these people somehow snuck into America in some sort of -dead of night suspenseful movie type of way- you're probably dead wrong. A lot of these people entered the US as children. They didn't know it was illegal for them to do so.. they didn't CHOOSE to be illegal immigrants. And a lot of them are struggling with the fact that they have to hide even though they grew up American - just the same as you or I did! Heck, we went to school together! and no one knew. He was just another kid at school. I bet you anything, you ALL probably went to school with, worked with, or were even friends with someone just like Jose. So, reserve judgement before you know all the facts. Don't hate for the sake of hating!
  13. What part of the word "illegal" do many of you not understand. And, as for the nightmare, er I mean the dream act is a good idea, think about who is responsible. Not me. That childs parents are responsible and the child should hold the parent, not the US taxpayer, responsible. Please return to your countries of citizenship. If you really love and respect the US that much, you will not treat it with disrespect by knowlingly and purposefully doing illegalities.
  14. Undocumented immigrants? Unconvicted criminals is more like it!
  15. Disgusting TIME. Why don't you dedicate an entire issue to good, honest, legitimate immigrants who are trying to come here legally and their hardships as they repeatedly get shoved to the back of the line behind all thesedemanding racist and entitled illegal invaders???
  16. Wow. In ten years from now, things could really change.
  17. when they become legal citizens then theyll be called Americans , call them what they are
  18. Thank you Time Magazine for informing the ignorant
  19. As one of those in the photos I'd like to step in and add to the conversation: I am not a hero. I am not an inspiration. I am however American in every sense of the world except for papers. Some will call me undocumented. Some will say illegal immigrants. And some will even add the word alien in there. For me the issue here is more about the 2 millions undocumented youth, those who came here at a young age, like myself at the age of 4 and like many others in the pictures you will see. Look at them. Learn about them. What you will see is those who speak the language, those who LOVE this country, those who ONLY KNOW this country. America already spent the time and money to educate us. America already raised up and again to say the least, we are practically American. Walking down the street you would not be able to tell us apart other than perhaps our skin color (and even then, not so much). What we are asking is, let's have an honest conversation. What we are asking is look at this issue as an humanitarian issue, as a justice issue, as an American issue. Think about it. Where do you want to send us? Perhaps our parents are the guilty ones but us? We don't know the "homeland". We don't know the language, nor the culture, nor the people. We know America. We ask of you to look at us as human beings and see the issue with a new pair of eyes. We ask of you to say "hey, I may actually know someone who is undocumented". Right now, the solution on hand is The Dream Act which will allow us to EARN (no freebies) citizenship. It would allow us a chance to GIVE BACK to this country, the only one we know and love. I often wonder why we look overseas for talent when it is right here in this country. Why are we so eager to help other countries and yet leave alone the people within it? I say, let's have a new conversation. Let's open our heart and eyes and see this with new light. Let us see realize these are human beings we are talking about here. -Roy
  20. Illegals... If you are such an asset to a country go be an asset in your own country. Our homes will continue to be painted, our lawns mowed and our fields harvested. Don't worry America will be just fine when you're gone.
  21. Just sharing my experience with the immigration process: I came here due to political unrest in my country in 1999. Applying for an asylum, got scammed by a lawyer back in Calif., he held my social security # in exchange for the continuation of the immigration court's appeal. I moved to the east coast, reapply the asylum, got it processed...911 hit...took me 7 years to get my green card and another 2 to be a legal US citizen. I know it's almost 10 yrs process, but I am glad I did the right thing.
  22. let them come out that will make them easier to round up and kick out. when will they understand we dont want them here untill they follow the law of america maybe we should adopt some of the other countries laws for illegals. if you love america so much as you say then fill out the paperwork, learn english, pay taxes, get jobs, get off welfair, get off social security, become responsable americans like the rest of the immigrents that came here legally and if you cant do these simple things that we require of every citizen of this great nation then get the hell out and dont come back
  23. BULL! You are not Amerinans, you are what is sucking this economy dry. Taking jobs fromreal Americans and feeding your kids on government money. Go home.
  24. This "In your face" approach isn't winning any points with the American people. Hopefully the INS will be knocking on the doors of every face on the cover of the mag.